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Internet Sales Department

Ivan Miranda
Internet Sales Manager/Costco Representative

I currently own a 2022 Forester Wilderness which is my fourth Forester, so far. There are four Subarus in my immediate family, with number five arriving in a couple of months.

I enjoy going out to Laguna Seca as much I can, either as a spectator or a volunteer.
I've been with the company for over twelve years.
 Look forward to helping out!

Tony O'Doherty
Internet Sales Manager

Justin Smith
Internet Sales Manager/Costco Representative

My family moved to Monterey when I was 9 years old. I've been here ever since. A student of CSU Monterey Bay, I graduated with a Master's in Business Administration. Cypress Coast Subaru brought me aboard in 2011. Outside of the store, you might find me hiking at Pinnacles National Park.
Enlisting my help with your Subaru purchase, not only do you get a neighbor, you also team up with a real-life Subaru owner! As a matter of fact, I've had 5 of them! My first "Subi" was an Impreza and I've had four Foresters thereafter. Two of which still have a spot in my garage. I think my English Bulldog (his name is Tug) might love them even more than I do.

I was convinced that Subaru was for me by the product's quality and safety ratings. I continue to be so after my personal experience with them. It'd be an honor to show you the unparalleled value our brand has to offer.

Kamal Doad
Internet Sales Manager/Costco Representative

In 2013, I made a leap of change moving to Monterey from the city of Brampton in Ontario, Canada. I did so for my wife as her side of the family is local. She's from Seaside! My move didn't only happen geographically, it happened secularly too. Before joining Team Cypress Coast, I was a Logistics Manager for Coca Cola.

Subaru drew me to it. I was attracted to the brand by its culture. Have you seen their ads campaigns, past and present? It's a different company all-the-way-around. Not only do I work, offering Subaru vehicles while assisting with transportation needs, I own one myself! Our family has a Forester. We chose it for its capacity and it's proven Safety track record. It's a perfect fit for my wife, me and our pride and joy… our firstborn son!

Allow me to be of service and count on this: "If you have any questions, call me anytime except midnight to 7, I'm sleeping

Tina Rotolo
Internet Sales Manager


Sales Managers

Ratish KC
Sales Manager

Christian Saban
General Sales Manager



Matt Smith
Subaru Product Specialist

I own a 2004 Impreza WRX with 275 HP modified suspension.  My wife owns a 2017 Forester XT. 

When not working I play golf and a full time Dad for my 4 years old son


Service Department

Matt Wingrove
Service Advisor
831-394-8500 ext. 2318


Fleet Department

Marc Brosseau
Fleet Manager


Parts Department

Agustin Castaneda
Parts Counter
831-394-8500 ext.